Equine Therapy Program

Silver Stirrup is devoted the belief in a horse's ability to teach young and old, encourage confidence, growth, and help promote a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Because of this, we are hoping to develop an Equine Therapy Program for those individuals that need extra help maintaining a stable and positive life. Equine Therapy programs have been incredibly successful in helping such individuals, including those with mental and physical handicaps, mental and emotional disorders, and those with traumatic histories. It does take lots of time, lots of work, and lots of collaboration with the right staff to put together the best program we can provide. For this reason we will be taking the necessary time to set up our program, and hope to get it underway by late 2013. 

If you have interest in getting involved with our Therapy Program, or know someone who would benefit from what we offer, please email us at silverstirrupridingacademy@gmail.com so we can keep you informed on all of our plans as they unfold.