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IMPORTANT NEWS: (updated 3/8/2021)

We are currently offering all of our regular riding lessons, Group Events, and SUMMER CAMPS! Please read on for details!

- Strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be in place
- Camps and Groups will be very limited in size
- Masks are required for ALL visitors while not on the horse
- Instructors will wear masks at all times unless instructing from long distances

*IMPORTANT: Extra small groups events and semi private Introductory Courses seem to be in extremely high demand, so please note: Groups of 1-3 will be $95 per rider. If you choose to continue with regular lessons with us, a credit will be applied to your first membership!

We currently have a waiting list, but please reach out to us for more details, as we are adding new students

Please contact us by emailing silverstirrupridingacademy@gmail.com or calling (949) 354-3603

...and yes, we teach all levels and ALL AGES!


The Silver Stirrup Goal is to bring a solid foundation of horsemanship to any and every horse-enthusiast! At any age, whether you're looking for your very first experience, or you're a returning rider, we've got the horses and the qualified instruction for you!

What makes us different?

- TWO HOUR LESSONS - AMAZING lesson horses - Extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRAINED instructors - PERSONALIZED lesson structure - ALL AROUND HORSEMANSHIP - PRIORITIZING the well-being of the horse - A FUN and POSITIVE environment

Yes, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your time on the ground or in the saddle. We believe if you treat your horses well and teach your students to do the same, they will be laid back, happy, and willing teachers. We believe in a very high standard for those in charge of your education, for your safety and the horses'. We believe everyone is an individual with unique goals AND ways of learning. We believe you should learn all about the animals you are working with, and we believe in enjoying the learning process!

Ready to get going? Click HERE to find out how get started!

We are located in Lake Forest at the beautiful Serrano Creek Ranch Equestrian Center - 25200 Trabuco Road
Please contact us by emailing silverstirrupridingacademy@gmail.com or calling (949) 354-3603

Before contacting us, you can see if some of your questions can be quickly and easily answered already on our FAQ page! Check it out!

More about us: WHY Silver Stirrup?

You'll find that our typical TWO HOUR horsemanship lessons are competitive in price to most ONE hour riding lessons in Orange County! And the quality can't be matched.

We won't compromise. 
- 2 hour lesson length
- 4 student per class maximum

With our experience and expertise, we know what it takes to give our students the MOST for their time and money- the most enjoyable experience and best education no matter what your equestrian goals are!

We strive to constantly provide a growingsupportivesafe, and FUN learning environment no matter the age of our students.
We consider ourselves to be THE extracurricular activity for youth to build character and confidence, and respect for others (two-legged and four) in our affordable horseback riding lessons. 
And to adults, we offer a unique stress relieving activity that is also a great workout! We mix our unique riding lessons with regular group activities and outings to meet other equine enthusiasts!

This is your chance to learn not just what it takes to stay in the saddle, but to build a relationship with horses, understand how they think, what it takes to care for them, and become an outstanding rider at that! 
Dreams of English, Western, Trail, Dressage, Jumping, or Rodeo, we can give you the foundation to excel!
Please read through our Lesson Program descriptions for more information!

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If you're looking for some fun horse-related activities in Orange County, we also offer one day and multiple day Camps, and even Field Trips for schools!

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Please take a few moments to browse through our site to find what you're looking for, and if you have any questions, or can't wait any longer to get started, don't hesitate to contact us NOW!

Phone: (949) 354-3603
Email: SilverStirrupRidingAcademy@gmail.com


We are OPEN!!
Check out our Home page for details!
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SUMMER CAMP DATES ARE UP! Please check our calendar!
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We are HIRING! Do you or anyone you know have outstanding people skills, horse experience, and love a fun, active environment? Contact us!
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