Liza Hillman
Owner, Instructor

While Liza has over 20 years of experiences with horses, her passion began before she could even ride. After begging for long enough, her mom eventually started her on beginning English lessons at 8 years old. In her first few years of riding she showed both English and Western, and it wasn't long before she had a horse of her own- Flame, a beautiful chestnut Arabian gelding. Liza and Flame showed for many years in Western Pleasure, Hunters, and Dressage, earning many Champions ribbons together, and even tried Gymkhana and barrel racing for a few years. Liza then began taking on more challenges; competing with her Thoroughbred in Jumpers, training in Dressage with more advanced horses, and eventually owning a young Arabian who she broke to ride, and trained herself. Her last focus with horses before full-time teaching was trick riding and stunt riding, which she trained in for a year and hopes to do more of again.  After all the experiences with horses over the years, Liza has found that her greatest achievement so far has been her ability to impart her passion and knowledge onto other aspiring riders. 
It is important to note that throughout her years of teaching, Liza has grown to find that continuing her own education with horses is one of the greatest gifts she can give her students. She is still passionate about learning anything there is to learn about horses and will forever be a student in the horse world herself. 

 As an owner...Liza took on Silver Stirrup almost by accident. When she started working as a head instructor and director of the program that would eventually become Silver Stirrup, she only considered it a part time job. She had no idea this would become a dream career for her. Once taking over the small program that was offered to her, Liza set forth with many ideas for what she wanted this program to become. She created a syllabus and structure unique to most riding programs, that she developed from years of experience with many trainers from many fields of riding, along with goals to recreate the atmosphere that she felt shaped some of her greatest childhood memories growing up with horses. She's proud of what Silver Stirrup has become so far, and can't wait to see what it will continue to grow into with many more plans and work still ahead!

Christina Hearn
Head Instructor/Trainer

Christina was born and raised in Southern California and started riding when she was 6. She
grew up riding with local A-show barns and grew from taking her once weekly lessons, to
leasing and then owning horses. In high school, Christina won numerous IEL Championships,
as well as continued showing on the A-show circuit. Christina received an Equestrian
scholarship to Baylor University and was a member of the 2010 Big XII Championship team.
After that season, Christina transferred to UCLA and graduated with a degree in Geography and
Environmental Studies.
In 2016, Christina started working for Beval Saddlery, a once in a lifetime opportunity. She grew
from an employee on their traveling rig on the West Coast, to rig manager and lead saddle fitter
on the east coast. She was trained by the best saddle fitters in the US and her clients were
some of the best riders in the world. Christina worked the east coast A-circuit for 2 years, from
Florida through the Northeast, managing the retail showroom 18-wheeler rig and fitting custom
She has a passion for saddle fitting; making sure every horse is as comfortable as possible.
(Don’t hesitate to ask her about saddles, but you might not be able to get her to stop talking!)
Since Christina was in high school, she knew she wanted to train horses and teach. She started
serving her first client at age 17 and loved it! Christina operated her own business for over 10
years, as well as teaching for other local trainers.
Over the years, and many miles, Christina has ridden many horses for many owners and
trainers. She has trained thoroughbreds off the track, high level jumpers, horses for pleasure,
ponies, rescue horses, sale horses, and many more. All of which Christina loves like her own.
Christina loves to pass on her extensive knowledge to her students as well, customizing her
approach to each student. She hopes her love for the sport inspires others to be their best and
strive for success!