Meet Our Horses


Anna is our biggest lesson horse, standing at 17 hands and full of personality! She is a black Percheron/Friesian cross mare who looks big and powerful but is actually a gentle, easy-to handle lesson horse, especially when leading and grooming! She can be strong and even a little intimidating because of her size when being ridden, so sometimes takes some practice before a beginner is ready for her, but she is smooth and lots of fun once you're ready for this big girl! Anna is mostly used for walk/trot lessons, but for those not intimidated by her big size, she can be used for intermediate and advanced students for cantering too!
Not currently available for lease


You can tell from his photo what a colorful guy Buddy is, and it doesn't stop at his personality! We call Buddy our big puppy dog! Buddy is a big Appaloosa gelding who's been doing mostly trail riding with his mom for the past few years, but loves being a lesson horse for Silver Stirrup since he joined us this spring. Right now Buddy is used for beginners, in camps, and for Level 1, 2, and 3 lessons. Since starting with us, we're getting his cantering in shape so he can be used for all levels of riders, but right now Buddy prefers to just do walk and trot lessons, but will do his very best!


Jackson is a favorite for our youngest and newest riders. He is always in a good mood and has the nicest slow jog to introduce new riders to the trot! Jackson is a bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is very patient, but is VERY ticklish and hates being cleaned! He would be happier just staying dirty! As soon as you're on, Jackson is a great listener and so comfy.. in fact he's also the best horse to learn to ride bareback for the first time on! Sometimes he can just be a bit lazy. Jackson is an all around guy and a great representation of what our SSRA lesson horses are about.


Lilly is retired Thoroughbred mare. She has been a racehorse, a jumper, and a camp horse for an English barn before she found us at Silver Stirrup! Lilly is one of our tallest lesson horses standing at 16.1 hands high! But with all that height, most days Lilly likes to take it easy and walk like a little western pony! She is patient with new riders, kids and adults, but can be a challenging teacher in advanced lessons as well, once we start asking for more energy! Lilly is now a great, full time family and lesson horse. You'll recognize Lilly right away with her pretty face and tongue that she likes to leave hanging outside of her mouth!
Unfortunately Lilly has had a couple injuries since the beginning of this year and is out of lessons, but we're hoping to see her back with us very soon!


Since Molly has joined our program, she is now our smallest lesson horse! Molly is about 11.3 hands high! She is a POA pony mare and can walk, trot, and canter smoothly and nicely, but can be a very stubborn pony when she has to work! So her favorite lessons are brand new riders and little kids, so that she can teach them and take it easy on lessons! She's a favorite among all of Silver Stirrup though mainly for how dang adorable and sweet she is.


Murry just turned 35 years young! And we are so glad he's in SUCH good shape and love having him on our team! He is a patient, relaxed teacher for all levels, but especially great for new riders. He loves going on trail with his mom in the mornings, and teaching riding lessons in the afternoons. He's always got a good attitude, and is known for having the shiniest coat of all of our lesson horses! And when you're grooming, don't miss his tummy, that's his FAVORITE spot to be scratched! You would never guess by his looks OR his attitude that Murry is one of our most "seasoned" lesson horses.. he's just happy to be doin' his thing!


Nancy is a beautiful, 15 year old, bay Fell Pony mare, and she sure is adorable! She is built like a mini draft horse and is strong and stout, but short enough for our smaller riders to ground-mount on! Because of her short little strides, she feels like she's moving faster than she is, but if you're a balanced, confident rider, she is easy to ride at the walk, trot, and canter! She can occasionally be a challenge to get at just the right rhythm, and a little stubborn.. as all ponies are! But for many of our students who have figured her out, Nancy is their absolute favorite lesson pony of all. We love having sweet little Nancy on our team!


Reyke is one of our more comfy guys to ride, with a nice smooth trot! This makes him perfect for beginners just learning to trot, as he is also easy to steer, and not too tall. Rey is a Red Dun Quarter Horse, and has shown in many Western and English shows with lots of first-time competitors on his back. Rey can offer a challenge to his riders to pay attention while grooming, since he can be a little mischievous with his mouth, but is still one of our easiest horses to ride- walk, trot, AND canter!


Romeo is always in a good mood and loves everyone. He is a 17 year old, tall Chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He's great with brand new beginners, but is very particular about his rider when doing more advanced work. He'll let anyone ride him, but he'll tell you how much he likes you by how easy he is when you do everything right! He likes kids and adults,  and attention from one and all!


Shorty was our smallest lesson horse(before Molly joined!), standing at about 13.1 hands high! Not only is he shorter, but he's very petite since he's half Arabian and half Welsh Pony! Shorty used to be a fancy, flashy show pony and could even drive carriages in competitions! Now he's the sweetest guy and loves little kids and camps the best. He is used for very beginners when only walking, and trotting just a little, but after that he is saved for Level 3 and 4 riders since he can be a challenge to trot and canter, as he can be a stubborn pony about working! But most of all he just loves being out getting love and attention!


Skye is a beautiful palomino pinto Paint Horse mare. Skye is one of our advanced lesson horses, but likes helping out some beginners too. She is sweet as can be, and a BLAST to ride, and very easy once she knows you are a good leader. Skye is NEVER mean and is safe for anyone, but can be difficult for beginners to steer, and needs more precise cues. Once you become a clear, confident rider, she will be one of your favorite lesson horses.... and definitely your favorite to look at, our pretty girl! 


*photo coming soon!*

Tizzy is another one of our senior citizen lesson horses, but we have to remind her of it most of the time! Tizzy is suited best for lighter exercise, so sticks to our Level 1 and 2 lessons, of course she'd be happy to do anything we asked of her! She's a beautiful chestnut Quarter Horse mare who has done it all in her day, including gymkhana and barrel racing competitions! But she has been a teacher for many years now and LOVES her kids. She's patient and sweet, and when she's not working in lessons, we make sure she gets love and attention every single day, because she's worked hard and deserves it!

If you see a horse available for lease, please contact Silver Stirrup to discuss details and options. If we think you're a good potential match, we will put you in contact with the owner.
It is not necessary to be a student, but it is very important to us here at Silver Stirrup, as well as to each horse's owner, that anyone interested in a lease is experienced and well-versed in what it means to lease a horse. Even if it is your first lease, it's important to have a understanding of what is involved in leasing, both financially and physically. 

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