Meet Our Horses


Aramis is a 14 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding - he's a pony at 14hh, but has more than enough love and personality to go around! He LOVES to cuddle, is very laid back, and has a big crush on Nancy! After a few years with us now, we've found that Aramis is one of our smartest horses, and one of the most sensitive to emotion. Don't try to force him into anything by being pushy! He will teach you to be calm, relaxed, centered, and patient! He's a little bouncy, as many cart-horse breeds are(yep, Aramis does know how to drive a cart, too!), and his canter is a challenge for some and helps really develop a good seat! He also loves being groomed, which is a good thing with all the maintenance that hair requires!



Chex is a 21 year old bay Quarter Horse gelding who was neglected for several years before coming to us and didn't have a consistent rider, regular attention, or much love for much too long, so we're trying to make up for that! The good news is that Chex is not scared of anyone and LOVES attention, and has had a lot of experience in some cool things when he was younger, including work with cows and was a super fast gykmhana horse! Don't worry though, Chex loves going slow and has become a great teacher for every level rider! He even has one of the best canters to learn on for your first time!



Diva is a 19 year old Arabian mare.  Diva was a show horse in her day and is as pretty as they come and a beautiful mover. She is normally reserved for our more advanced riders, because she likes to go go go! In more advanced hands, she will go along in all her gaits nice and easy, but can be a little intimidating with her energy and sensitivity for those that are used to our lazier horses! However Diva has one of the biggest fan clubs around for those that have learned to ride her! Diva is VERY sweet, and loves being groomed and hanging out with everyone! She's also fun to ride out on trail, and loves ground work and teaching our students how to lunge. 



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DJ is one of the cutest chestnut Arabian geldings you might ever see! And SO SWEET! DJ is a Western Pleasure show horse and trained very well. He's patient, easy going, and LOVES attention from everyone, so he's wonderful in all of our levels. However, when you get to be a stronger, clearer rider, you can get a lot more out of DJ and it's so fun! DJ is also pretty bouncy, so he offers great practice for creating a good seat! 


Jackson is a favorite for our youngest and newest riders. He is always in a good mood and has the nicest slow jog to introduce new riders to the trot! Jackson is a bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is very patient, but is VERY ticklish and hates being cleaned! He would be happier just staying dirty! As soon as you're on, Jackson is a great listener and so comfy.. in fact he's also the best horse to learn to ride bareback for the first time on! Sometimes he can just be a bit lazy. Jackson is an all around guy and a great representation of what our SSRA lesson horses are about. Jackson had a pretty bad injury last year that had him on vacation for a long time, and has slowly and carefully been getting back to work. We are SO GRATEFUL to have Jackson almost back to his old self!



Nancy is a beautiful, 19 year old, bay Fell Pony mare, and she sure is adorable! She is built like a mini draft horse and is strong and stout, but short enough for our smaller riders to ground-mount on! She is used from Introductory lessons all the way up to Level 4 lessons- Nancy is a star lesson pony! She can occasionally be a challenge, and sometimes a little stubborn.. as all ponies are! But for many of our students who have figured her out, Nancy is their absolute favorite lesson pony of all, and she doesn't have one mean bone in her body! We love having sweet little Nancy on our team!



Oscar is a palomino Missouri Foxtrotter gelding, who is special because not only is he a gaited lesson horse, but he also now belongs to one of our own students! Oscar is Reagan's first horse and so loved. And "gaited" means that he doesn't just perform the normal gaits, or movements, of walk, trot, and canter, like most horses do, but he can also perform ambling gaits that are much smoother than the trot, that these horses are known for and make great trail horses since they are so comfortable to ride for long distances! Oscar is very playful and loves attention, so while he's one of the safest horses you'll ever ride, you have to be ready for a lot of personality when you take Oscar out! He even thinks it's funny to knock over cones on purpose during lessons, or sometimes even pick them up and throw them!



Romeo is always in a good mood and loves everyone. He is a 19 year old, tall Chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. He's great with brand new beginners, but is very particular about his rider when doing more advanced work. He'll let anyone ride him, but he'll tell you how much he likes you by how easy he is when you do everything right! He's great on trail and was even used for jumping in the past! He likes kids and adults,  and attention from one and all! Unfortunately Romeo is recovering from an injury and may be out of lessons for a while longer... we sure do miss him and hope he heals up quick!



Sebastian is another one of our special gaited lesson horses, though he prefers his special gaits, unlike Oscar, and does not trot at all! Sebastian is a completely solid black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He's known around the barn for being especially handsome and charming, with his shiny black coat, "come pet me" looks, and outgoing personality.  He's tons of fun to ride with his very different gaits, and is easy-going and steady as they come. Sebastian is loved and fawned over by all of his Silver Stirrup family, but most of all by his owner Cody who is a graduate of Silver Stirrup! You'll see Cody and Sebastian around the barn any given evening just hanging out!



Spirit is a 22 year old dun Quarter Horse gelding. Spirit has lots of personality and is really enjoying being a lesson pony rather than a show horse, which he once was many years ago, but didn't do well- Spirit gets stage fright! He did learn a lot however that he still gets to share with us! Spirit used to be a top quality Reining horse, which is a specific style of Western. Because of this, when you figure out just the right cues for Spirit, he is a super fun ride that will respond perfectly to everything you ask! Because he's a lazy guy though who likes to test his rider, he spends much of lesson being slow and trying to get away with goofing around(much like Oscar trying to play with the cones!)  until he knows you're serious! Spirit is often used for Level 3 and up riders because of this, but he likes spending time with everyone! Spirit is now owned by one of our former adult students as well!



Tizzy is our queen senior citizen staff member at 37 years young! Don't tell her though, she's one of our most energetic lesson horses! Tizzy is suited best for lighter exercise, so sticks to our Level 1 and 2 lessons, of course she'd be happy to do anything we asked of her! She's a beautiful chestnut Quarter Horse mare who has done it all in her day, including jumping, and gymkhana and barrel racing competitions! But she has been a teacher for many years now and LOVES her kids. She's patient and sweet, and when she's not working in lessons, we make sure she gets love and attention every single day, because she's worked hard and deserves it!


If you see a horse available for lease, please contact Silver Stirrup to discuss details and options. If we think you're a good potential match, we will put you in contact with the owner.
It is not necessary to be a student, but it is very important to us here at Silver Stirrup, as well as to each horse's owner, that anyone interested in a lease is experienced and well-versed in what it means to lease a horse. Even if it is your first lease, it's important to have a understanding of what is involved in leasing, both financially and physically. 

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