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Please keep in mind that there is a service fee through PayPal included in your online payment, and they will differ from the prices listed on our PRICING page.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY through our lesson contract, and note that by clicking the link at the bottom, taking you to the payment page, you are agreeing to all the terms within the contract. If ANYTHING on the contract is unclear, please contact our staff immediately, since once you click on the link below and purchase lessons, you are agreeing to all the terms within the contract.


EXPIRATION: I understand that these lessons do expire. If the first lesson is not taken within four(4) months of purchase date, all lessons will be forfeited. Each lesson package, from the date of the first lesson taken, will expire as follows: 4-Lesson package: 6 weeks, 8-Lesson package: 10 weeks, 12-Lesson package: 14 weeks. If any lessons remain after the allotted time given for a package, as described here, those lesson will be forfeited. Exceptions may be allowed if and only if written requests are made and approved by management. If four(4) months should pass between any two lessons in the above package, the remainder of the lessons will expire and be forfeited.

PAYMENTS: Total amount of a chosen membership package is due a minimum of seven(7) days prior to the first scheduled appointment. I understand that if a lesson or appointment is tentatively scheduled before a payment is made, I am not entitled to that lesson spot until the payment has been made. If the payment is not made within seven(7) days of the tentatively scheduled appointment, the appointment will not be reserved and is considered open and available to others. Once the payment has been made, if less than seven(7) days prior, the given time may or may not still be available. I understand that I will NOT be entitled to lessons unless payment in full has been made.

CONFIRMATIONS: I understand that lessons MUST be confirmed in writing, either via email(silverstirrupridingacademy@gmail.com) or text through the Silver Stirrup line(949-354-3603). If any lesson date is not confirmed, it will not be reserved, and may open to be filled by another student. Confirmations for an appointment must be made seven(7) days prior to the date of the appointment, or it will not be reserved, and may be open to be filled by another student.

CANCELLATIONS: I understand that Silver Stirrup’s cancellation policy is as follows: If AT LEAST twenty-four(24) hours notice of a cancellation of a scheduled lesson is NOT given by email, voicemail, or in writing(if a voicemail is left before the 24 hours prior, the lesson will not be charged, though it MUST be followed up with an email or text), then the lesson will be considered a “NO-SHOW,” and will be counted and taken from my membership/package of lessons. If AT LEAST twenty-four(24) hours or more IS given by either email, voicemail, or in writing(must be followed up in writing, always), of a planned cancellation or rescheduled lesson, the lesson will not be taken from the package at that time, but the EXPIRATION policies will still apply.


Section 1. I understand that Silver Stirrup’s refund policy is as follows: If a refund is requested, in writing, before four(4) months have passed from the above date, a refund will be given within the terms explained in Sec 2. If a refund is requested before four(4) months have passed since the last lesson, and at least one lesson, or more, has been taken, a pro-rated refund will be given, based on the number of lessons left in the package that have not expired.

Section 2. With the exception of the 4-lesson package, if a student has not taken enough lessons of their originally purchased package to exceed the number of the next smallest package, the refund will be pro-rated based on the cost per-lesson of the smaller package (ex: If a student purchased a 12-lesson package but only took 4 lessons before requesting a refund, the cost of a 4-lesson package would be subtracted from the total and the refund would be the remaining balance).