Q: What will I/my child need to wear? A: Easy! Here ya go...

...Make sure to wear closed-toed shoes (preferably with a small heel), long pants, and nothing you'd care about getting dirty! We provide helmets, as they are REQUIRED for any riding, all ages, but we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase your own if you plan to continue with lessons.

If you want your own on your first lesson, you are welcome and encouraged to bring one! Eventually you will need riding boots and your own helmet. After one of our Introductory Courses or Camps, if you decide to continue riding, a well-fitted helmet should be the first thing you purchase. Please purchase a proper riding helmet, not a bike helmet.

Q: What age do you start lessons? A: We teach ALL AGES!

... Getting your child on a horse young can be great, especially for their balance, cognitive development, motor skills, and much, much more. If you look up the studies that have been done on the benefits of riding to a person's well-being, and especially the effect it has on children, you'd be amazed that everyone isn't doing this! We do separate what we offer for children 6 and up, and then those under 6. We have found, as many other schools do as well, that the motor skills and attention span necessary for getting the most out of riding lessons often doesn't really develop until around 6 years of age. For this reason you'll want to visit our Mommy & Me and Tiny Trotters page for anyone under 6, and our Lesson Programs page for 6 and up!

Q: I have a bicycle helmet, can I use that? A: NO.

...Sorry, definitely no. They are not designed the same. We do have plenty of approved helmets for our students, but if you want to have your own, there are plenty of decently-priced riding helmets available both at local tack stores and online. We purchase most of our all-purpose riding helmets from Troxel and Ovation, so you can start your research there! Here is some more information on why NOT to use a bike helmet for riding:


Q: Do I need to have a horse? A: NOPE!

... We've got lots of great lesson horses that can take you from first ride to graduating our program! When you're ready to lease or purchase, we can help with that too!

Q: I HAVE my own horse, can I take lessons on him? A: Of Course!

...Absolutely! Our goal is to prepare each rider for what their goals are with horses, and to make sure they develop a relationship with their horses during their lessons. Your own horse is certainly the most important one to develop a relationship with!

Q: Do you do guided trail rides? A: No.

Our focus is on EDUCATION. We offer lessons and camps all within the stable, and sometimes add in trail rides on lessons, both for a nice fun break from arena work and to practice and understand trail safety. We do have miles of beautiful trails available from our stable!

Q: Do you do birthday parties? A: Kind of!

We offer private group events that we design around you, but everything we do is educational! We don't do birthday parties in the sense that many horse-centric places offer, where it is decorations and pony rides. Your birthday with us will be structured much like our fun summer camps, where we learn, ride, and incorportate fun games and activities into our day, but tailored to exactly what you want! Check out our Group Visits page for more info or contact us!

Q: Do you rent horses? A: No.

...No we do not. Serrano Creek Ranch is a private boarding stable, and you will not find any horse rentals at this facility. We focus on teaching you how to interact with, handle, and ride horses.

Q: Do you do birthday parties? A: No, however...

...We do not do birthday parties- unfortunately it takes a special type of insurance to cover birthday parties, and again, our focus is on our lessons and camps. However, if you'd like to plan a special private camp with us as a way to celebrate your special day, we can do that! We offer private events, for any occasion, keeping in mind it will be a camp and there will be learning! It will be all kinds of fun, but students will be learning and participating in educational activities centered around horses and riding. We have gotten feedback from most of our birthday visits that what we offer was much more fun and interesting than the alternatives out there! So while we won't offer pony rides and photo backdrops, we do offer much more, so contact us if you'd like to talk about what we can do for you.

Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions that you have!

Phone: (949) 354-3603

Email: silverstirrupridingacademy@gmail.com