Team Days


Team Days are a chance for team members (students and staff), friends and family to get together for fun, horse-related good times! Everyone is welcome to many of our team days, though it is a special chance for all of our students, who normally only get to meet those that share classes during the week with them, to join up and share their passion. Sometimes Team Days are an educational and fun horse-field trip, sometimes they are just a get together for food and games, and sometimes, a chance for students to show off their handling skills, riding skills, and even sometimes horse-decorating skills! Sometimes our play days even involve individual and team games with fun prizes, for ALL levels, and is centered around good HORSEMANSHIP and good SPORTSMANSHIP!!

Keep an eye on our calendar for our next Team Days!

Halloween Team Days through the years...

Thanksgiving Potluck Party Team Day 2013

Holiday Team Day 2014

Summer Beach Day 2021

Brunch at the Barn and Heritage Hill Halloween Trip 2021

Pony Potluck 2021

Holiday Team Day 2021