Level 2 Course

The Level 2 Course is for students who have been evaluated by one of our instructors and proved ready to move into the next stage of riding and horsemanship. In this course, students are expected to be able to fully groom and tack up their own horses (to the best of his/her abilities, such as our little ones needing help lifting heavy saddles!). They now should be able to steer completely on their own and feel comfortable in the saddle. The focus of lessons will now be on controlling the horse and his/her speed at the walk and trot and developing a balanced seat at each gait. The Course will also include....

  • Introduction to the differences between Western and English Tack

  • Parts of the Saddle and Bridle

  • Basic Horse Anatomy

  • Walk/Trot and speed control

  • A More Advanced Understanding of using Voice, Leg, Seat, and Hands when Riding

  • The Basic Gaits

  • Measuring Horses

  • Safety on Trail Rides

  • Introduction to more common breeds and colors

  • More Advanced Handling of Horses on the Ground

  • And Much More...

Bareback Lesson and Trail Rides!