Level 3 Course

Our Level 3 rider is one who can now ride and handle horses comfortably and confidently. They have learned all of the basic breeds and colors, understand the differences between English and Western styles of riding, and most definitely understand all of the basic safety protocol both with their own horses and around others. The most time will be spent in this level, learning the largest amount of information before being ready to move on to the final level of the Silver Stirrup program. Students will start incorporating the canter into their lessons until they become proficient and comfortable with all three gaits, being balanced and in control no matter the speed. It's now time to set goals for their riding, now that they have a better understanding of what it means to be a horse person. More challenges will be introduced the rider, as well as lots of new theory and information off the horse to ensure they are well rounded horsemen (or ladies!).

In Level 3, they are ready to be introduced to...

  • Advanced ground handling

  • Basic clipping

  • The use and application of boots, wraps, and other leg protection.

  • Continued education in basic anatomy

  • Understanding the broader spectrum of disciplines and styles of riding besides English and Western

  • Stall maintenance

  • How to safely and properly lunge and turn out

  • Common medical problems and how to respond

  • The many types of bits

  • Arena Terminology

  • Gaited Horses

  • Stronger riding technique

  • Posting Trot

  • Lateral work

  • And more...