Introductory Course


These courses are designed to get your feet wet and make sure you're prepared to safely start your riding lessons. They are beneficial for all learning types- perfect for the timid student, easing them into the swing of things, while still keeping the eager student satiated with lots of hands-on learning, and a chance to see how much more there is to horses than just riding. If you're a returning rider, they are also a great chance for evaluation for what level to join before starting our program.

The focus of both courses is safety and understanding horses from the ground up.

Introductory Courses will cover..

    • Basic Safety

    • Recognizing Behaviors

    • How to Approach Horses

    • How to Halter

    • Leading/Handling the Horse on the Ground

    • Grooming, the Tools and Reasons we Groom

    • Quick-Release Knots

    • Achieving "Alignment" and Balance in the Saddle

    • Introduction to Tacking Up

    • Mounting and Dismounting

    • After-ride Care

    • And Much More...

Introductory Course Options:

Standard Introductory Course: The first course we offer is our group-setting Standard Introductory Course, a 2-3 hour intensive course covering all of the material, for all ages. With the focus on groundwork and safety, there will be about 30-40 minutes on the horse to introduce you to proper position and control. Check our calendar to find out dates and times that we offer this course, as it changes each month. You will want to bring a snack for this one!

*2-3 riders will experience a 2 hour course, while 4 or more riders will have 3 hours in this course. There is a 2 rider minimum to run this course.

Private Introductory Course: This course includes two hours of instruction, completed in 2 separate one hour lessons; the best option for first-timers. In these first two classes, the focus remains on the basics and safety, predominantly on the ground preparing for what's to come - only 15-25 minutes will be spent on the horse. More riding will come with our Level 1 Course. This course will be scheduled individually by contacting us.

Introductory Evaluation: This course is completed in 1 lesson, one and a half hours in length; better suited to our returning riders as an evaluation lesson. It will still allow us to cover all the material we would in any of our Introductory Courses, ensuring there are no holes in your education and safety, but at a faster pace, since most of the information will likely not be brand new, and therefor not too overwhelming for one session.

There's no reason to wait any longer to give it a try... reach out to us today!

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