Level 4 Course

Being our final level before graduating our program, we make sure our students are proficient in all the aspects of being a well-rounded horse person. We don't take lightly the right to call one's self a Silver Stirrup Graduate! In this level, all that has been covered will be reviewed so that it is a second language spoke fluently by the Level 4 student.

By the end of this level, students should be able to....

  • Ride at a walk, trot, and canter, controlling direction and speed in an open arena

  • Share arena space safely and courteously

  • Understand what to do in any emergency situation

  • Recognize and control what lead a horse canters on

  • Name and recognize most breeds, colors, and markings

  • Understand an advanced level of horse anatomy

  • Recognize and understand the use of different common training tools in various disciplines

  • Recognize proper vital signs in a healthy horse

  • Demonstrate knowledge in basic equine history

  • Recognize foods that are toxic to horses

  • And More...

Level 4 is certainly our most detailed level or horsemanship. If you truly have a love for horses, you'll want to soak up everything this course has to offer, and come out being a master horse person by the end!

*Photos coming soon*