How To Get Started

Whether you're looking to sign up for camps or inquire about starting lessons, the next step is to EMAIL us at

You're also always welcome to call if you have any questions or feel better speaking to someone before getting started, but keep in mind, we are often out with the horses and if we do get the chance to answer calls, we're not always in front of a computer or in a place to take down the needed information, and will happily chat with you as we're throwing hay into stalls, but will still likely ask you to email us that information. We LOVE talking to all of our students, and prospective students, but we also want to make sure we have everything recorded!

Next, please provide the following information in your email: Name, age(or "adult" is fine), height, and weight, so that we can pair you with the right horse. Also please provide information on your experience with horses. Are you a brand new beginner, or did you grow up riding bareback in the back yard? Have you gone on a hundred guided trail rides but never had any instruction? Have you been thrown and need to work your confidence back up?

Then, let us know WHAT you are interested, and WHEN you are available!

Please give us as much detail as possible- days and times that you are open. Or, if you're interested in a camp, or specific date, let us know which one!

Once we have this information, we can get the ball rolling to get you started! You also have the option to go to our "Purchase Lessons" page and, if you know which package or camp that you want already, you can buy now, and schedule later. This way, as soon as we find a time that is convenient for you that we have available, we can secure your spot in our schedule. If we find a spot for you before you make a payment, it is not secured until the payment is made. Please keep in mind though, this is best for camps, or Romantic Rides, when you can be very sure of what you want. When it comes to lessons, or group events, if you're unsure at all, it will be best to reach out to us first so we can help you choose what option is best.

Using Our Calendar

When looking at our calendar, please use it to...

- Find out which days lessons are available vs not available(you'll see some days marked "NO LESSONS")

- Find Camp Dates

- Find Special Events such as Team Days

- Find Dates for Test Days, Practice Days or Makeup Lesson Days

Don't use it to find out where you can join a class. Classes change often, and the calendar online keeps our students' privacy and does not indicate which classes are full, open, or if new classes will be created soon. We also prefer to evaluate each and every one of our students to be able to personally place them in the best class, which is why we ask for so much information in the very beginning.

We can't wait for you to join us!