Liza Hillman

Owner, Instructor, Trainer

While Liza has almost 20 years of experiences with horses, her passion began before she could even ride. After begging for long enough, her mom eventually started her on beginning English lessons at 8 years old. In her first few years of riding she showed both English and Western, and it wasn't long before she had a horse of her own- Flame, a beautiful chestnut Arabian gelding. Liza and Flame showed for many years in Western Pleasure, Hunters, and Dressage, earning many Champions ribbons together, and even tried Gymkhana and barrel racing for a few years. Liza then began taking on more challenges; competing with her Thoroughbred in Jumpers, training in Dressage with more advanced horses, and eventually owning a young Arabian who she broke to ride, and trained herself. Her last focus with horses before full-time teaching was trick riding and stunt riding, which she trained in for almost two years and hopes to get back into eventually, having loved the mental and physical challenge that it offered. While Liza has explored many of the disciplines of riding, and plans on continuing to expand her horizons and bettering herself as a horse-person and teacher, she has found that her greatest achievement so far has been her ability to impart her passion and knowledge onto other aspiring riders. Nothing gives her more joy than seeing a happy horse with his/her happy person!

As an owner...Liza took on Silver Stirrup almost by accident. When she started working as a head instructor and director of the program that would eventually become Silver Stirrup, she only considered it a part time job. She had no idea this would become a dream career for her. Once taking over the small program that was offered to her, Liza set forth with many ideas for what she wanted this program to become. She created a syllabus and structure unique to most riding programs that she developed from years of experience with many trainers from many fields of riding, along with goals to recreate the atmosphere that she felt shaped some of her greatest childhood memories growing up with horses. She's proud of what Silver Stirrup has become so far, and can't wait to see what it will continue to grow into with many more plans and work still ahead!

Katelyn Jensen


Katelyn has been apart of Silver Stirrup from day 1, and has been riding with Miss Liza even longer! She has worked harder than anyone you've probably ever met, and watched countless hours upon hours of lessons as a student, and started training to be a teacher at the young age of 14! She started joining in teacher training classes with other adults hired by Silver Stirrup, and soaked in every bit of information until she could probably teach it herself! At 16 she started teaching in camps and lessons as Miss Liza shadowed to help and offer feedback and has racked up the hours practicing teaching fabulous lessons to all ages. Her maturity allows her to take everything about teaching and training very seriously, and she has an eye for safety that challenges that of most well into their twenties.

Katelyn is the teacher that will never lost patience with a student and naturally teaches with kindess and fun in mind. She spends just about all of her time at the stables and continues her education in riding and horsemanship in order to better herself and her students. She rides, helps train, and teaches daily, and has competed in Dressage over the years as well. She recently purchased her first, own horse, a gorgeous Holstiener Warmblood gelding named Lex, who she plans to show as well! We look forward to Katelyn soon taking a spot as a regular full time trainer!

Kira Marx


*info coming soon*

Amy Mensch


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At Silver Stirrup, we create a strong team environment and emphasize the importance of education in horsemanship. When it comes to horses, learning is never ending, and one of the best ways to learn is to teach! Because of this, we allow our most passionate and responsible students to assist in lessons- first by just helping the teacher, then the students, then slowly letting them instruct intermittently during the lead instructor's lesson.

Miss Erin, 15

Erin has been apart of the Silver Stirrup Team for quite some time and has learned from many other instructors as well! She aspires to be a competitive barrel racer but love and appreciates many styles of riding. Erin has been a natural rider all along, but is a wonderful student, and now becoming a wonderful teacher with her infections, joyous energy and love for everything horses! She is one of the greatest team players you will ever meet, is supportive of everyone around her, and her positivity shines so bright it's impossible to be sad around her! We can't wait until she ages into Assistant Instructor, we know she's going to be GREAT!

Miss Brielle, 12

Brielle is just starting her practice as a Junior Instructor and has always been one of the most passionate horse people you know, especially when it comes to memorizing facts about feed, care, and her favorite famous riders! She also aspires to barrel race and just came back from her first gymkhana where is earned herself a win, high placings in every event, the day reserve high point champion ribbon, and most importantly, a great attitude and good care of her horse the whole day! We can't wait to see what she does on her horsemanship journey!